Words inform. Stories transform.

Devereux is a nimble marketing company helping brands tell compelling stories. Kathy Devereux leads every assignment, assembling the appropriate cadre of creatives, programmers, writers, designers, and production resources to move ideas from contemplation to completion. Readiness is all. Shall we begin?



Ideal for innovative and aspirational companies seeking C-suite level guidance – at the right time and right-sized to the business – Devereux marketing leadership, strategic planning, and execution of brand plan includes digital, media, creative, reputation management, and PR.


Development of authentic and actionable brand architecture including position, vision, personality statement, SWOT analysis, four Ps, and subsequent creative briefs to appropriately convey the storyline.


Development of compelling messaging across all media – web, social, print, tradeshow, and branded collateral – with a team uniquely sourced to fit. From photographers and stylists, to writers and web developers, managed to deliver a consistent brand voice and experience.


Amplification of brand message through an analytic, results-oriented strategic media planning, including channel research with each media property. Tactics vetted via proof of performance with respect to client budgets, seasonality and resulting ROAS.


Orchestrate the build out and re-imagination of brand websites with talented UI/UX design teams in partnership with your internal marketing, merchandising, and sales team needs. Additionally, create and maintain social media channels and email programs.


We love to wordsmith. From ownable brand stories to specific personality-filled product stories, we love finding the right words, themes and narratives that breathe life into a brand and create brand affinity, fans and ambassadors.


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I am an accidental entrepreneur with a client-side mindset. Prior to forming my company, I spent my formative years marketing furniture and interior design enterprises, ultimately leading in-house teams. It was a wonderful curiosity shop. I got to explore every nook and cranny of the marketing process, working with fab creatives, iconic (and idiosyncratic) owners, and brilliant agencies. With scant humility, I admit I was a great client. Then I decided to strike out on my own. Client no more, today I lead a thoughtful and unique small agency. Projects are sometimes large, sometimes honed. The world of design remains a passion and an expertise, but not exclusively so. I’m attracted to interesting brands seeking to craft and relay their story in meaningful and authentic ways. Perhaps vice versa? I hope so. Let’s talk more and find out…


The first step is on you. Reach out via email directly to Kathy to share a project overview.

Next, conversation and often a meeting ensues for a deeper dive into scope of work and to size up our fit.

Then, check your inbox. We’ll respond with a custom proposal, and we can volley until everything is just so.

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